Sloth Inspections


Frequently asked Questions

How do I get an electrical permit?

Who can file a request for electrical inspection/permit?
A licensed electrical contractor doing the work, or a homeowner who is doing the work, who owns and occupies the residence.

What do I need to do to get a rough-in inspection, and how do I set one up?
All boxes must be in place and all wiring strapped down, and all wiring inside boxes must be spliced and pigtailed and ready for devices to be installed. No devices should be installed before rough-in. If you are unable to do this contact a licensed electrical contractor for help. Once you have completed this you can set up your inspection on line by going to, entering the location of the inspection, and then following the easy scheduling process. Please read over the residential check list (found on your city's permit site) to make sure you understand all the code requirements needed before making your inspection request.

What needs to be done to set up my final inspection?
Everything must be completed. All required devices, light fixtures, appliances, and equipment must be installed. No incomplete wiring to be exposed. A final inspection must be completed before occupying space.